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BLV Light Bulbs

A full range of products from BLV Lighting, a renowned manufacturer of light sources for general, industrial, commercial, retail and specialist applications. We stock a diverse range of Metal Halide Lamps together with Sodium and Halogen light sources form BLV. With a proven track record of performance you can be assured that each lamp will offer reliability and be manufactured to the highest standard.

The average lifespan of the BLV lamp starts at 6,000 hours and increases to 28,000 hours, dependant on the bulb.

The BLV range offers a choice of tubular, elliptical, capsule, MR16 and double ended lamp types. Metal Halides offer excellent efficiency, high colour rendering and luminous efficacy and emit clarity of light that is of paramount importance in many applications. Typical uses include museum to monument illumination, accent and display lighting in retail outlets and hospitality, petrol station, railway, car park and street lighting as well as large area floodlighting, public building and office lighting and even aquarium lighting. Sodium lamps are utilised in similar applications, whilst specialist fibre optic lamps are not for general use. In a wide choice of colour temperatures and colours including magenta, blue and orange you will find a great product within the BLV catalogue right here at BLT Direct.