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Bring on Spring with BLT Direct’s Range of Daylight Light Bulbs

Spring is approaching at what seems to be snail’s pace; the mornings and evenings are steadily getting lighter and despite monumentally bad weather across the country in recent weeks, temperatures seem to be finally climbing. The freshness of spring can be kick-started by using daylight light bulbs, which have been created specifically to imitate that rejuvenating and pleasant glow of sunlight rather than the artificial ‘yellow’ created by many light bulbs. If a home feels dull and has suffered the effects of a long and bleak winter, brightening it up with some cleverly placed daylight light bulbs can help it appear as though spring as sprung much sooner.

Lighting colours are measured on a scale called the Kelvin (K) scale. Lower colour ‘temperatures’ contain more red light and appear warmer, whilst those with a higher blue content appear to be colder. Standard light bulbs sit at around 2700K, closer to red than blue, whereas daylight bulbs are much closer to natural light at around 6500K. Swapping an older bulb for one of these more natural looking modern bulbs can brighten the home and have a whole range of other benefits besides.

Lifestyle-wise, using light bulbs which imitate daylight shades within the home has a range of advantages for all members of the family. Research has found that using such bulbs in schools or places of work results in lower levels of fatigue and higher levels of concentration, with academic or work-related performance levels boosted in the presence of these bulbs. Eye strain is lessened, and general well-being is improved, making the swap to these bulbs a necessary change for those who find winter a tough time of year.

Disregarding the benefit that a more natural type of illumination will bring to any home, the next most important aspect of these daylight bulbs is their energy-saving credentials. Many last for up to 8,000 hours and boast the ability to reduce running costs by around 80%. A standard GU10 energy-saving light bulb in a daylight shade will last for approximately 8,000 hours and over the course of this incredible life span, will end up saving the users around £31.68 on their electricity bills.

Switching to daylight lighting solutions does not have to mean ripping out all existing fixtures and fittings and installing new ones. The vast majority of these bulbs on the market today come with the popular Edison screw or bayonet cap bases, which are the most commonly encountered bases in many homes. The energy-saving GLS 11-watt daylight light bulb are considered to be like for like replacements for the familiar GLS bulbs, except the focus is placed less on the yellow-tinged light and more on a refreshing, daylight-style illumination. They can be swapped simply and easily and will integrate into any home immediately.

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Created by Steve Ellwood on 18th February, 2013


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct