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Bulkhead Lights

BLT Direct are one of the leading stockists of bulkhead lights in the UK. With over 100 different bulkheads on offer, in a range of styles, IP ratings, and wattages, finding the perfect fitting for you is easy. Our LED bulkheads have up to an impressive 35,000 hours of lamp life, making them reliable and lowering replacement costs. We also have a selection of PIR bulkheads and outdoor bulkhead lights, perfect for lighting up any outdoor area like a garden or seating area. Stylish but robust, find out why the bulkhead light is one of the most popular on the market.

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What is a bulkhead light?

A bulkhead light is a robust and durable light fitting that combines both practicality and style. With commercial, domestic, and outdoor applications, bulkhead lights are used almost anywhere, and with LED variants now available, they last longer than ever. We stock a collection of styles, wattages, and colour temperatures and have emergency bulkheads also on offer. With impressive lamp life and high IP-rated options available, these lights are designed to last for many years and tens of thousands of hours, giving you a reliable solution to lighting up your home, business, or garden.

Do you need to change the bulb in a bulkhead light?

The possibility of changing the light within your bulkhead fitting is dependant on the style of bulkhead you purchase. Because LED bulkheads have built-in integrated LED bulbs, you are unable to replace them. However, if you purchase a bulkhead fitting, then you can replace the bulbs when necessary. We recommend using LED bulbs for these fittings as they are more energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and have a much longer lamp life. Bulkhead fittings enable you to change the bulbs to suit your needs, meaning if you wanted to change the colour of a certain bulb, you could replace your existing ones.