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Butterfly DD Compact 2/4 Pin

The Butterfly Compact Fluorescent Lamp otherwise referred to as the DD or DD CFL is a highly efficient energy saving light source that lasts up to 20,000 hours. This CFL comes in a choice of wattages ranging from 10W to 55 Watts (equivalent output of a 40W to 200 watt incandescent). The 2D CFL has a choice of two bases, the 2 pin GR8 or the 4 pin GR10q, both of which are simple push/fit caps. The 2D lamp comes in a choice of 7 colour temperatures from Warm to Cool White to Daylight, Anti-Drug Blue and Blue 67.

Due to the shape of this lamp, light is projected evenly resulting in fewer shadows. In addition the slim, flat profile of the butterfly lamp lends itself perfectly to shallow light fixtures and large fixtures too. This lamp is often found in ceiling fixtures in offices, residential and commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, security and other similar applications. Specific colours have specific uses, such as the anti-drug blue lamp utilized in public conveniences as a deterrent to drug users. As a specialist light source check you have the correct cap/base type when replacing failed lamps.