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Ceiling Fans With Lights

Ceiling fans with lights are both practical and stylish, adding a unique focal point to any room where they are placed. While the light keeps homes illuminated all year round, the addition of a fan means that cool air can be circulated around a room when the temperature heats up in the summer months. Remote control ceiling fans also provide a simple way to alter the fan speed and light output of your fan.

We stock this multi-purpose lighting solution in a variety of styles to suit all environments, with brushed chrome, wood and white options available. Discover our full selection online today.

What type of ceiling fan gives the most light?

The light output of your ceiling fan will depend on the bulb that has been installed, different ceiling fans will be able to accommodate different types or amounts of bulbs and you should be on the lookout for this. If the brightness is your goal, be sure to install a light with more Lumens. Ceiling fans with remote controls can also be used to change the lighting output of the fan.

Can you remove lights from a ceiling fan?

Instead of replacing a ceiling fan with one that doesn't have lights, you can disconnect the ceiling fan lights and leave the ceiling fan installed. This gives you the option to reconnect the lights and may change the overall feel of the room when the lighting doesn't have to be considered. Finally, modern ceiling fans may come with a remote that can control the light output of the fan.