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Ceiling Spotlights

Explore our collection of ceiling spotlights which incorporates a wide range of brands, shapes, and finishes. Choose from some fantastic retro designs such as our eyeball droplet spotlight as well as many contemporary designs, and discover a lighting solution that will provide you with style points as well as illumination. Our ceiling spotlights are suitable for various rooms, including kitchens, hallways, and living rooms, and will lend your space a modern and neutral ambiance. The items in this product category have been produced by leading brand names, including MiniSun, with aesthetics and functionality in mind.

Can you put spotlights in an existing ceiling?

Spotlights can be fitted onto an existing ceiling, connecting straight to the lighting circuit. It is necessary to check the width and depth of your ceiling spotlight to ensure that it can be safely installed. Recessed ceiling spotlights are fitted similarly but require a cut-out hole to be recessed into, giving a smooth, flush finish to the ceiling. We recommend that any installation to mains voltage is performed by a fully qualified electrician. 

How many ceiling spotlights do I need?

Many things can influence the number of spotlights that you need for a room. The size of the room, natural light sources (windows, etc.), and the style of spotlight you want must be taken into account when deciding on the number of spotlights you need. The room's function may also be a factor; for example, a bedroom does not require the same level of light as an office or kitchen, where practical work is performed. For work areas, we recommend that you have around 60 lumens per square metre, whereas lounge areas can be around 20-30 lumens per square metre. It is essential to check the lumen output of your ceiling spotlight to determine if it is suitable for your space.

Can you have ceiling spotlights in bedrooms?

Ceiling spotlights are versatile light fitting that can be fitted in any room. Available in many finishes, stainless steel or black ceiling spotlights offer a practical but stylish way to light your bedroom. Spotlights give out directional light that can often be rotated, illuminating specific areas within a bedroom, such as study desks or dressing tables.