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Colour Changing Deck Lights

Add a splash of colour to your deck with BLT Direct's excellent range of colour changing decking lights, including recessed deck lights and LED strip. With remote or Wifi controlled colour changing deck lights and LED strip, you have instant control over the look of your garden. Choose from RGB and RBGW light fixtures that are easy to install and offer a flawless finishing touch to a garden project. RBGW colour changing LED deck lights can switch between a wide range of colours; red, blue, green, and different colour temperatures; cool white, daylight and warm white. This gives you numerous options for lighting your outdoor area, depending on what occasion it is.

How do I control colour changing deck lights?

Colour changing deck lights can be controlled either by a remote or via Wifi connection. It is important to check that your wifi connection is strong enough to control the deck lights and LED strip when they are in the garden. 

How do you hide wires on deck lights?

To make your garden as beautiful as possible, it is necessary to hide lengthy wires and cables. Luckily, the wires for deck lights can be placed under decking, creating a polished finish. We have more information on how to wire your lights under decking on this page if you want to learn more on how to conceal wires safely. Alternatively, you can hide wires in decorative elements such as wood molding or garden foliage to create a natural look.

How do I run electricity under my deck?


The safest method of running an electrical wire under a garden deck is using a conduit and weatherproof electrical box and wire. The only wire you should use when wiring outside is THWN (Thermoplastic Heat and Water-Resistant Nylon Coated). This wire is the safest option when dealing with outside elements like heat, dirt and water. We recommend a PVC conduit to keep your wires as safe as possible and reduce the chance of animals biting through them. Along with this, you should have an IP65+ rated junction box, a water-resistant house for your electrical equipment.