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Coloured Fluorescent Tubes

Introducing our range of replacement T5 and T8 Coloured Fluorescent Tubes, a great solution for energy saving decorative and display lighting in existing T5 and T8 fixtures. Lasting an impressive 10,000hrs these fluorescent tubes offer high efficacy, good colour rendering and uniform light output along the entire length of the lamp.


Coloured fluorescent illumination is a versatile lighting solution for display and decorative lighting, advertising and party lighting, night club, hotel, department store and restaurant applications.

Each category details a complete range of T5 (15mm diameter) or T8 (25mm diameter) coloured fluorescent tubes in a choice of wattages ranging from 14 watts to 80 Watts. Each colour is also offered in all manufactured lengths, from 549mm to 1449mm. You will find red, blue, yellow and green lamps in each size enabling you to create low cost atmospheric light effects in a host of environments.