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Coloured LED Flood Lights

Coloured led flood lights can be ideal for anyone wishing to add more ambience to their environment. Our lights are built on the finest and most impressive LED technology. We stock coloured LED flood lights from some of the most respected manufacturers around. Some of the most popular colours in our catalogue include red, green, blue, amber, orange, yellow and pink. No matter what your requirements are, we are confident that we can help. We can assist you whether you’re on a limited budget or have more to spend. What’s more is that these lights are much cheaper to run than many equivalents including halogen and incandescent lights.

Are coloured LED flood lights waterproof?

Many LED lights are highly water-resistant, which means they are generally safe in environments where moisture is likely to be present. When you are choosing LED lights, it’s important to seek out products that are strongly protected against water, dust and humidity. We stock lights with high IP ratings. An IP rating is an ingress protection rating. These ratings refer to the amount of protection that is provided by the enclosures built into the lights. Each coloured LED flood light in our range has an IP65 rating.

What is the brightest coloured LED flood light?

We offer flood lights with brightnesses of up to a stunning 14000 lumens. However, if you don’t need something quite so bright, you can purchase lights starting at just 350 lumens. There is something to meet all requirements here. We can help you add a dash or blast of colour to any outdoor area. Our lights are all waterproof and suitable for use in a wide range of environments. Whether you need single colour flood lights or outdoor coloured flood lights solutions that you can control remotely, we can help.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today if you need to find out more about our coloured LED flood lights. More and more people are coming straight to us when they require coloured flood lights of the highest quality. Contact us today by completing the form on our site or by giving us a call on 01473 793210.