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Coloured LED Light Bulbs

If you’re seeking an ultra-efficient coloured lighting solution, the answer lies in coloured LED light bulbs. These energy-saving, eco-friendly lamps are incredibly versatile and can be used to great effect in a multitude of environments, whether you’re trying to create an atmosphere at a special event, add colour to a gallery, spice up an area of your home or attract customers into your atmospheric nightspot.

LED lamps across the board offer unparalleled energy savings, and these coloured options are no different. Many of these bulbs can reduce energy consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional light sources, and with a life span of up to 50,000 hours, they’re sure to save money, both in energy bills and in bulb replacement costs. All of the coloured LED lightbulbs available from BLT Direct have also been designed as direct retrofit replacements, which means no new fittings or fixtures are required to accommodate them.

These super-efficient lights are tailor-made for creating mood lighting and building a festive, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re creating a chill-out zone in your house, replacing the bulbs within your business or stocking up on atmospheric lighting solutions for future events, the coloured LEDs available from BLT Direct are available at low prices.