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Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps (also known as CFLs) were initially designed as direct replacements for incandescent bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs are incredibly energy-efficient in comparison, and the energy they save translates into lower energy bills for consumers.

CFLs use between 20% and 60% less electricity than incandescent light bulbs – and they last much longer too. A compact fluorescent lamp can last anywhere between 8 and 15 times longer than an older bulb, which means less is spent on replacement costs. Many compact fluorescent light bulbs available here are dimmable, putting consumers in total control of their energy consumption.

Here at BLT Direct, we stock a comprehensive range of compact fluorescent lamps in a range of wattages, bases and colours, to ensure that there’s an option for everyone’s needs. In this section, you’ll find everything from specialist germicidal and UVA CFLs, to conventional PLS bulbs that are commonly used in homes all over the UK. Explore the vast range at BLT Direct today, and find compact fluorescent lamps at the lowest prices.

How does a compact fluorescent lamp work?

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL's) create light using a unique method. This method is to run an electrical current through a glass tube that contains argon and mercury vapour, creating an invisible ultra-violet light. The tube is fluorescent coated and reacts with ultra-violet light to produce the desired visible light effect. 

What are compact fluorescent lamp used for?

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL's) can be used for almost any application. They provide a shadow-free light that is perfect for domestic, commercial or retail space and can be fitted in numerous styles of light fixtures. CFL's are often used to replace halogen and incandescent bulbs, directing fitting into the same fittings, however, it is best to check that your new CFL can go into an existing fitting before purchasing. 

Are compact fluorescent bulbs safe?

Compact fluorescent lamps are just as safe as any other lighting when used appropriately. The only risk comes when they get broken or damaged because they have a small amount of mercury vapour in them which can cause kidney or lung problems inhaled. We recommend that you put your compact fluorescent bulbs in durable fittings and in a location where they are not likely to get broken.