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Contemporary Uses Of Fluorescent light

We come across fluorescent light every day and it is a common lighting solution used in many industrial applications. Spaces such as car parks, office buildings, supermarkets and many other public places often use these powerful sources of light to ensure that they are kept bright and illuminated. Rather than using a filament, these tubes of fluorescent light are unique in that their glow comes from a reaction of gas and vapours that are stimulated by electrons, causing the gas mixture it to emit light as it ionizes. Neon lighting also works in a similar way, producing a coloured light as opposed to the white glow that fluorescent lighting is known for.
However, just as these fascinating tubes make practical light sources, they are also being used in a number of different, creative ways to maximise their decorative effect. Here we have compiled some of the most beautiful, contemporary uses of neon and fluorescent light:
A Gradient Glow

Figure 1 Source
This restaurant has created a unique wall feature using neon light strips. The colours of light have been selected carefully in order to give off a gradient effect, flowing from a light yellow to a darker amber shade. This colour combination coupled with the placement of the straight, narrow tubes really make an impact on this otherwise blank wall.
An Updated Classic
Figure 2 Source
This contemporary lighting solution takes a classic, traditional sconce light fixture and upgrades it into the 21 st century in a simple but effective way. By using these old-style candle holders to connect the two tubes of fluorescent light together, we are left with a simply stunning wall lamp.
**Scattered and surreal

Figure 3 Source

**While these two previous examples use the fluorescent light in just a stripped back tube, this unusual display uses the type of fluorescent light fixture you would normally expect to see in its industrial setting. However, there is beauty to be found in the unusual, scattered and slightly surreal placement of these hard-wearing fixtures.

Figure 4 Source
The supremely bright glow of a fluorescent light bulb is so white that it looks almost intergalactic. This creative light fixture places these illuminated tubes to suggest an explosion or a twinkling star, immediately drawing the eye to the centre of the room.
Fluorescent lights have come a long way from simply being that stark lamp that we dread to see, and there are many different ways that they can be used creatively to form something beautiful. If you’ve been inspired, browse our full range of fluorescent tubes at BLT Direct.


Created by Steve Ellwood on 18th November, 2016


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct