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Control Gear Units IP65 for HS and HI Lamps 35-150W

Browse our wide selection of Control Gear Units IP65 for HS and HI Lamps 35-150W which are manufactured by leading brand Vossloh Shwabe. We are confident that you will be able to find the perfect Control Gear Unit for all of your purposes in our selection. We stock Control Gear Units which are compatible with lamps of various Wattages, including 35 W, 50 W, 70 W, 100 W and 150 W. This weatherproof range of Control Gear Units is covered by the IP65 Rating, which gives you added protection.

The products in this range combine a ballast, digital timer and compensation capacitor in a compact housing in order to provide you with a Control Gear Unit which is quick and easy to install. Further features such as thermal cut out and automatic reset add to the strengths of this product range. This range is suitable for use with HS and HI Lamps of 35-150 W.