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Cool Lighting Ideas For Bars And Restaurants

If you run or own a restaurant or bar, it’s likely that you are always looking for new and exciting ways that you can update the interior to make the space more attractive and appealing to customers.

While you could consider investing in new furniture or adding a lick of paint to the walls, there are plenty of ways that you can play around with light to add a cool effect that will make the world of difference to your space.

Read on for our recommendations on how to best use lighting to enhance your bar or restaurant.

Photo by Pablo Gentile / Unsplash

Invest In A Neon Sign For The Wall

Neon signs are extremely popular right now and thanks to their aesthetic qualities, it’s not hard to see why. Eye-catching and attractive, choosing a neon sign for your bar or restaurant is a great way to add interest to the space in a fairly easy way that requires little work. It’s a good idea to choose something that resonates with your brand and will remind customers of why they choose to visit you for food or drinks. Perhaps you’re a cocktail bar, in which case you could find one featuring a martini glass.

Use Lighting At Different Levels

If you are trying to achieve an eclectic look in your bar or restaurant, spreading out light across different levels is a great way to achieve this. Consider choosing chandeliers, which can hang overhead, as well as wall lights and lamps that can be placed on low tables.

Apply Colour, But Be Careful To Not Overdo It

Coloured bulbs are a great way to add an element of fun to bars and can also be used to highlight branding within your venue, but you need to be careful to not go too mad with this, especially if your establishment is a restaurant. When people are eating they need to be able to see their food well, so ensure that the space is still well-lit to ensure an enjoyable dining experience for guests.

A spotlight coming from a hole in a dark underground cave in Minorca
Photo by Jez Timms / Unsplash

Add In Spotlights

Great for illuminating objects and drawing the eye to certain parts of the room,
spotlights will be a welcome addition in any trendy bar or restaurant. Consider
using them on worktops or even along skirting boards to guide guests to certain
areas within your venue.

Created by Gary Baker on 17th May, 2018


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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