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Cool White LED Filament Bulbs

We are offering a huge selection of crisp cool white LED filament bulbs with multiple wattages, brands and colour temperatures available to purchase. Our bulbs are made by leading manufacturers such as Kosnic and Sylvania, with GLS bulbs, globe lights, candle models all available. Producing a new colour temperature compared with original filament bulbs, our cool white LED filament bulbs can be used in chandeliers, pendants and other light fittings where the bulb is exposed. Likewise, you can channel the ‘industrial’ trend and simply leave the lamps uncovered to expose the bulb and utilise its 360 degree beam angle.

What is a cool white light bulb?

A cool white light bulb is a bulb that uses a cool white colour temperature, rated at 4000-4500k. This is often referred to as 'pure' white or natural white, as it is the cleanest and has no colour infiltration. All of our cool white bulbs on our website are clearly labelled and so are easy to distinguish. If you are not sure what colour temperature you need then it is recommended that you check the kelvin rating of the bulb you require, this can also be found in the technical specifications of each product on the website. 

Can you get cool white Edison bulbs?

As the new Edison bulbs are now LED, they have access to a cool white colour temperature unlike the original incandescent bulbs that could only be warm white. This means you can have the same look and design of a retro bulb but with a new updated colour temperature. Cool white LED filament bulbs are often used in decorative fixtures such as chandeliers, wall lighting or table lighting and offer a modern and practical feel to a room and so are popular in kitchens or study rooms as well as commercial settings. 

Are all filament bulbs amber?

The original filament lamps could only be a warm white, this was because to produce light the filament was heated and therefore would glow an orange colour. The LED filament bulbs we offer now use LED technology and so not only do you reduce the energy consumption and save money, you also can have cool white and daylight coloured LED filament bulbs. This means you can keep the classic look of traditional bulbs but with updated and modern colour temperatures. We even have coloured LED filament bulbs in colours such as green, red, blue and yellow as well as the typically daylight, warm white and cool white filament bulbs.