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Cool White MR16 LED

If you are looking for modern, crisp cool white lighting then cool white LED MR16 bulbs are for you. LED MR16 bulbs offer directional, bright lighting and are perfect for kitchens or outside lighting but can also be used in commercial settings. We offer Cool white LED MR16 bulbs from multiple trusted and reapable brands from across the world including integral LED and Soraa, so you can be assured of the quality and durability of our products. Our cool white MR16s are also available in a wide range of wattages and prices, so even if your on a tight budget you can secure brilliant lighting.

What is the brightest MR16 bulb?

At BLT Direct we have numerous cool white LED MR16 bulbs, each coming with different lumen outputs, ranging from 400-520 lumens. In terms of colour temperature, cool white is generally considered the brightest or 'cleanest' colour temperature. This is because it provides a pure or crisp light, giving a more modern or current effect to your living area.

Is Cool white the same as bright white?

Colour temperature is clarified by kelvin rating, with cool white being 4000-4500k. This means that although some brands may label there bulbs as bright white or soft white, if the kelvin rating is 4000-4500 then they are also classified as cool white. It is important to always check the kelvin rating of the bulb you need to ensure that it is the right one, fortunately we have specified the kelvin rating of all of our LED MR16 bulbs to reduce confusion. If you have any issues identifying the correct colour temperature then please contact us via the form on our website or on 01473 716418.

Is Cool white light bad for you?

Over exposure to any light will damage the retina of your eyes, but LEDs are no more dangerous than any other type of lighting. In fact because they do not get hot like a halogen or incandescent light bulb they are actually safer than any other bulb.