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Creating A Relaxing Bathroom

Daily stresses can all become too much sometimes and when this happens a comfortable place to relax is essential. The bathroom is the obvious option but far too many homes have sterile bathrooms where relaxing is an impossibility. There are some simple changes that will transform a bathroom from a cold, uncomfortable environment into a wonderfully serene spa like space. Try these tips to create your own everyday sanctuary ...

Accents, finishing touches and a few new additions can transform a drab bathroom into a relaxing haven. Try adding a rug or plush bath mat, artwork if you have the wall space - a sculpture on the window sill or shelving is a great alternative for smaller bathrooms. Personal touches such as candles and a carefully selected plant are also easy ways to inject some personality. If you want to create a high end hotel or spa like feel, fluffy new towels and pretty glass bottles to decant bubble baths and oils into will do the trick without costing a fortune.

Bathroom lighting is often overlooked, usually it is a simple fitting with a shade or a strip light which can be harsh. A creative lighting scheme can make for an incredibly relaxing bathroom - go for soft but warm lighting. LED strips can be placed around the edge of the ceiling to create a subtle but warm lighting design. If you find reading in the bath relaxing, a spotlight above the bath will make getting lost in a book much easier. Consider adding a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness of the light in the room and personalise the level of lighting to suit your mood and time of day.

The majority of bathrooms are simply white because many homeowners are afraid to use colour in the bathroom. Add a splash of colour with pretty tiles or paint a feature wall to add a point of interest. Sticking to blue, green or soft reds is a safe choice but other shades such as a terracotta, browns and creams can also be mixed and matched without being too overwhelming within the smaller confines of a bathroom or shower room.

Part of the reason many bathrooms feel sterile is because they lack texture. Plants are a great way to add unusual textures into a room and vegetation can really help to create a relaxing atmosphere. Larger stones, shells, woods and slate tiles or floors will also add interest and contrast.
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Created by Steve Ellwood on 7th June, 2016


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct