Crompton LED Pygmy Light Bulbs

From Crompton we bring our new LED Pygmy light bulbs, gauranteed to give off high performance lighting, these bulbs are incredible for such a low price! In colours ranging from calm Warm White, these bulbs are amazing in duration, they can last an impressive 25,000 hours! With wattages starting at 3 watts, these bulbs may not look the part but they definitely work the part!

Crompton LED Pygmy Light Bulbs Continued

At only just 3 watts, they have the capability of outputting the same equivalent power as a 15 watt standard Pygmy LED! Not only do these bulbs have great technical elements to them, they have the physical advantages aswell! If your in need of a small LED bulb for use in small compact spaces, but still have the light output of a normal LED bulb, then these bulbs are the ones for you!