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Crompton Retrofit LEDs Perfectly Imitate Incandescent Bulbs With 80% Less Energy Consumption

BLT Direct, one of the UKs premier suppliers of LED light bulbs and other energy-efficient lighting solutions, are offering a nostalgic answer to all of those who miss the way their traditional halogen light bulbs used to look. With their brand new range of Crompton look-a-like bulbs, anyone can now enjoy the look-and-feel of a conventional incandescent bulb, while reaping the savings that LED bulbs offer to them.

The Crompton range available from the BLT Direct website is expansive, and offers numerous like-for-like replacements for those who enjoy the way their old bulbs look but cannot get hold of them due to the EU rulings of recent years. With the ban on inefficient bulbs now in full force all over the country, many people have been forced to choose more efficient bulbs, but for some who favour a more traditional look in their home, the contemporary bulbs are not a natural fit. Crompton has solved this problem by creating a range of efficient LEDs that perfectly imitate the appearance of the much-loved older bulbs.

Steven Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct, says, At BLT Direct, we always have our finger on the pulse of consumer demand - we know that many people are reluctant to switch from their traditional older bulbs to the more modern replacements that have appeared on the market. The range from Crompton helps to make this switch a lot easier, by replicating the look-and-feel of the older bulbs, while still providing all of the energy savings and environmental benefits of a regular LED bulb.

He adds, Its understandable that many homeowners are resistant to change, especially in their own homes, but the new Crompton collection of like-for-like replacements aims to make the process of switching to energy-efficient LED light bulbs much smoother and more tolerable.

The most popular Crompton model is without a doubt the Crompton Golfball Light Bulb, which was designed to be a direct retrofit replacement for the conventional halogen and incandescent bulbs that were used for so long. These attractive bulbs make the process of going green simple and painless, instantly reducing energy usage by 80% while maintaining that classic look that people have become so accustomed to. Rated at just 4-watts and with a 25,000 hour lamp life, the bulbs have become a hit in their own right and are among the most popular LEDs currently on the market.

The Crompton LED GLS Light Bulbs are also direct replacements for more traditional bulbs, and they come with both Bayonet Caps and Edison Screw bases to ensure that they will be able to slot right into an existing light fitting. Available in wattages as low as 10 (the equivalent of an 85-watt incandescent bulb), the bulbs offer savings of up to £225.00 over the course of their considerable life span, and are an ideal choice for those looking to lower their bills without making a drastic change to the aesthetic of their living space.

Created by Rebecca Appleton on 27th May, 2014


Rebecca Appleton

Rebecca Appleton

Qualified online journalist, specialising in the home improvements and energy saving sectors