Danlers Dimmers

A comprehensive range of Dimmer Switches designed and manufactured by Danlers, a company renowned for the manufacture of high performance and energy saving lighting controls. Within this section you can find Quiet Dimmers (trailing edge), Soft Start Dimmers (leading edge) and Rotary and Push Dimmers (leading edge). We stock 1, 2 ,3 and 4 gang dimmers, with push buttons or rotary switches.

Danlers Dimmers Continued

Quiet and Soft Start Dimmers can be used to dim lights from several locations. Quiet Dimmers are suitable for dimming mains and/or dimmable transformer low voltage lamps; Soft Dimmers suitable for dimming resistive lamps, dimmable transformer low voltage lamps. Rotary and Push Dimmer Switches are compatible with many dimmable LED lamps and fittings. Dimming is not only a solution for creating atmospheric lighting but is also an energy saving solution that reduces consumption and thereby costs.