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Daylight Light Bulbs & Fluorescent Tubes

Switching from traditional methods of lighting to a daylight light bulb solution can be beneficial for many home, industrial and commercial environments. Using technology that produces a glow to mimic natural daylight can help to increase levels of concentration, prevent eye strain when reading, reduce levels of fatigue and can simply be great for seeing objects more accurately in their colour and form.

We stock a wide selection of daylight light bulbs and fluorescent tubes in a range of cap types and wattages that can help you bring the outdoors in for any space that needs it!

Many people are using these energy efficient lighting solutions, with low running costs that can save large amounts of money whilst providing a crisp and clear light. Schools and offices use daylight light bulbs to assist in concentration and to make reading and writing easier. Creative industries such as graphic designers and needlework specialists also make use of the pure white light. If you think your application could benefit from using daylight light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, browse our huge selection available online.