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Daylight White LED Candle Bulbs

Daylight LED candle bulbs get there name from the colour of the bulb which is designed to replicate outdoors light. This is particularly useful in the long winter months as many people may miss out on most of the daylight due to work. These bulbs can alleviate the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a disorder that mean your mood is effected by the change in the seasons, and has been known to improve moods and increase productivity. With all of our Daylight LED candles coming from respected manufacturers, you are sure to get a long lasting and high quality product.

Which is brighter Cool white or Daylight LED?

When picking the correct colour temperature it is important that you understand how colour temperatures are distinguished and how they are rated. Colour temperature is measured in kelvins, with cool white being 4000-4500k and daylight being 6000-6500k. Cool white is often described as the 'brightest' because it is a pure white. Daylight may appear slightly duller as it has a blueish hue to it, which gives it the replicating affect of natural daylight. You are encouraged to check the lumen output of the LED candle bulb you decide to buy as this will tell you the level of brightness that is produced by your bulb. 

Are Daylight LED bulbs good for the living room?

You can decide to have any configuration of colour temperatures and bulbs in any room. Our daylight LED candle bulbs offer clear and radiant light that would help illuminate a living room or any area where people study, eat or work. We understand that not all living areas have windows or natural light so these make great replacements for those who are in that situation and still want to feel the natural light of the outside.