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Daylight White LED MR16 Bulbs

Daylight white bulbs have become some of the most popular colour temperature bulbs on the market, especially during the winter months. This is because daylight bulbs directly replicate everyday outdoor light, and when the days are dark during winter they offer much needed daylight. With multiple brands, wattages and lumen outputs available from BLT Direct, we are sure to have something appropriate for your lighting needs. If you are looking to refresh your offices, or you need something to keep you awake in the home then these daylight white LED MR16 bulbs are perfect for many applications.

Which is brighter Cool White or Daylight LED?

Brightness is not dependent on colour temperature, and while cool white appears to look slightly brighter due to the blueish hue, the real determiner of a lights brightness is the lumen output. Our daylight white LED MR16 bulbs have a lumen range of 150-300+. This means that you will always have a daylight option in a range of lumen outputs, for whatever light fixture you need. With LED MR16s having such a diverse application range, it's beneficial to be able to source bulbs in a wide variety of lumen outputs, for any different sized space that needs to be illuminated.

Are LED Daylight bulbs bad for your eyes?

No, LED daylight white bulbs are not bad for your eyes, in fact they are some of the best lights that your eyes can be exposed to. This is because the replicate a natural day colour temperature, so they are no more dangerous than the average day outside. MR16 daylight bulbs actually have some benefits including reported increasing productivity of office workers and increasing the mood of those in the workplace. Daylight white MR16s have also been known to combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as they provide a summers day light during the long winter days. 

Is Daylight or soft white better?

When deciding which colour temperature is better it is important to understand how colour temperatures are distinguished. With many different names for the same colour temperature it can be confusing to those who are experienced in purchasing lighting. Colour temperature is rated by kelvin units (k), a daylight white bulb is always 6000-6500k, so if you are looking to replace a bulb like for like then it is important that you check the kelvin rating of said bulb. Luckily we have labeled every bulb on our website with a kelvin rating to reduce confusion and make buying lighting easier for you. If you have any questions regarding colour temperature and decided what bulb is best for you then please contact us via the form on our website or call us on 01473 716418.