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Deck Lights

Deck lights are a creative, elegant way of implementing upward light in your garden or outdoor area. Recessed into decking or steps, space-efficient deck lights are one of the fastest-growing trends in garden lighting. BLT Direct stock an expansive range of high quality LED deck fittings and solar deck lights, designed to be an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly method of lighting your outdoor spaces. Our range covers quality stainless steel and chrome LED deck lamps which ooze class and longevity, providing bright, crisp light for up to 50,000 hours. With solar-powered LED deck lights also available, keeping energy costs and power consumption low is simple and helps save money and reduce your carbon footprint. IP65+ Rated LED strip is another option when deciding how to light your garden deck. IP65-8 rated strip is a weather-resistant, modern way to achieve garden perfection and is available as complete kits in lengths from 1m to 5m. Browse through a plethora of colours, lengths, and wattages to find the best solution for your outdoor space.

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How far apart should deck lighting be?

Deck lights can be installed as close as desired, provided the cable that connects them is of adequate length. However, a space of around 1m-2m is recommended between each recessed light. This is to avoid over-lighting your outdoor area and make sure you get the most out of each fitting. If your LED lights have a lower lumen output, then you can afford for them to be closer together to ensure that your deck is covered evenly and remains well-lit. Outdoor deck lighting is a popular choice for garden illumination, but it is essential not to over saturate your outdoor area with too many lights; less can equal more when creating a aesthetic garden. You must also be aware of the placement of your light fittings if they use solar technology; solar powered deck lights work the same as solar panels and need direct sunlight to charge most effectively.

How do you light up a deck?

There are many different types of outdoor lighting you can use to brighten up your decking area. Garden spotlights, strip lights and deck lights are all popular choices that are effective in illuminating a garden. Our high quality LED lighting kits are recessed into the floor and are a space-efficient, stylish way to keeping your deck safe and well lit. Deck lighting kits are an easy-to-install, trip-proof method of lighting your decking; however, if you're looking for a different style, then LED strip lights are an option. LED strip can be installed along the underside of stairs, across furniture or along the perimeter to make it safe to walk on at night. You can also combine both recessed and strip lights for a varied style. 

What voltage are decking fittings?

Deck lights run on mains voltage which is 220-240 Volts. This reduces the need for an LED driver or transformer and makes for quick and easy installation. Most 220-240v LED lights are simply plugin and use light fitting, making them one of the most simple ways to light your garden. LED strip for decking can be a range of voltages, with standard (220-240V) and low voltage (12V & 14V) options in stock. If a low voltage light is what you are looking for then you will also need an LED driver to install your strip lights. The good news is that both LED strip and LED drivers are available with an IP65+ rating, making them suitable for outside use. 

Can I put lights on my deck stairs?

Decking lights can be fitted into any deck surface, either on flat flooring or on a vertical step. This allows for brilliant effect lighting in your garden and also enables you to light steps effectively, making them safer for use in low light conditions. Outdoor step lights offer practical but elegant illumination and can be used to finish a garden lighting project. LED strip lighting kits can also be placed on the underside of steps or stairs to provide a low-key, elegant light. 

Can you put deck lights in composite decking?

Composite decking is a longer-lasting alternative to wood, keeping colour for longer and reducing maintenance costs. When installing LED deck lighting kits, composite decking acts identically to traditional wood decking. Simply cut a hole in your decking area and install your lights as normal.