Dichroic Coloured Halogen Light Bulbs

Blue, Amber, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Magenta and Pink! Not quite the colours of the rainbow but nevertheless a fantastic selection of Coloured Halogen Dichroic Lamps to choose from. The halogen light bulb is a high intensity light source with exceptional colour rendering properties and high lumen maintenance throughout the 2,500 hour life of the bulb, perfect for producing vibrant and vivid colour recreation.

Dichroic Coloured Halogen Light Bulbs Continued

These lamps operate at 12 Volts and come in a choice of MR11 (35mm diameter) or MR16 (50mm diameter) versions.

The coloured halogen lamp is a versatile lamp, primarily used for decorative, display and atmospheric lighting applications; stage lighting, festive, Halloween and wedding celebrations, retail displays, garden illumination, museums and art galleries and hotel and restaurant lighting. Although not as energy efficient as the LED light bulb the Halogen lamp still offers many benefits, not the least of which is its affordability and the fact that it lasts more than twice as long as an incandescent bulb.