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LED Dimmable Golfball Light Bulbs

At BLT Direct we are happy to introduce our range of dimmable LED golf ball bulbs. With dimmable bulbs becoming increasingly popular, it's no surprise that people are coming to BLT Direct for any of there dimmable golf ball needs. With a collection that covers multiple cap bases (including E14 LED golf ball bulbs), manufacturers and colour temperatures, the options available are numerous, allowing you to pick the bulb that's perfect for you. Browse our dimmable LED golf balls below and change your level of lighting in an instant.

Are LED golf ball bulbs dimmable?

While not all golf ball bulbs are dimmable by default, any that you find within this category will be. Our dimmable LED golf balls are produced by only the finest brands including Integral LED, Phillips and Bell Lighting, ensuring that the quality is high and your bulbs do not unintentionally dim or flicker. Dimmable bulbs give you the ability to change how your lighting looks at a moments notice, perfect for when you need to change the lighting to match any situation, such as bright lights for studying or eating, or dimmed lights for relaxing. 

Is it OK to use dimmable bulbs without a dimmer?

It is perfectly fine to use dimmable bulbs in a circuit without a dimmer, as they will just act like normal non-dimmable light bulbs and when switched on will produce light at 100% capacity. If you have a dimmable circuit you will need to use dimmable bulbs as trying to dim bulbs that are non-dimmable will cause damage to either the bulbs or circuit. If you require non-dimmable LED golf ball lighting, we have a wide range of light bulbs available in multiple colour temperatures and wattages.