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Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

Making saving energy easy, BLT Direct’s range of dimmable LED light bulbs will put you in total control over your power consumption. Available as direct retrofit replacements for traditional halogen, incandescent and fluorescent dimmable bulbs, these dimmable LEDs offer significant energy savings as well as the ability to create mood lighting in the comfort of your own home. Available in a range of shapes, styles and wattages, including dimmable LED GU10 and dimmable LED G9 bulbs, you can transform any environment without breaking the bank. With multiple colour temperatures in stock, our dimmable dimmable light bulbs can be used in any setting, with styles appropriate for living spaces, businesses or even showrooms.

Are LED bulbs dimmable?

Not all LED bulbs are dimmable but every one in this category is. Our collection of dimmable light bulbs cover a huge range of styles and shapes with some of the most popular being dimmable LED GU10s and G9s.With a huge range of bulbs at great prices, it's no wonder that increasing numbers of people are coming directly to BLT direct to source there dimmable light bulbs.

Do dimmable LED bulbs need a special dimmer?

Instead of a typical light switch like traditional bulbs have, many dimmable bulbs work best with a dimmer switch. This is usually a dial or rotatable button which is used to change the level of light output to the desired effect. We have a selection of dimmer switches in various models and finishes, including chrome, brass, white and more, so you can maintain your rooms overall look while having functioning dimmable LEDs. From standard twistable switches to touch dimming units, we have a range available for any room or setting, both domestic or commercial. 

Is it OK to use dimmable bulbs without a dimmer?

Dimmable bulbs can be used without a dimming switch or without being in a dimming circuit, but they will obviously not be able to be dimmed. Our dimmable LED bulbs are safe when used in a non-dimming system but we also have non-dimmable LED bulbs available if needed. Please note that it is not recommended that you use a non-dimming bulb in a dimmable circuit as this may damage the bulb or reduce the quality of light produced. 

Can you dim a non dimmable LED?

It is not possible to dim a non-dimmable LED bulb in any circumstance. If you want a dimmable system in place then you will need to buy dimmable LED bulbs, luckily we have a huge range of dimmable LEDs at great prices so you should be able to find the correct dimmable bulb for you even on a tight budget. 

How do I know if my LED bulbs are dimmable?

Typically you cannot tell the difference of dimmable and non-dimmable bulbs just by looking at them, and in many cases this can lead to people putting the wrong bulbs in their system and damaging the bulbs. Fortunately, we have labelled all of our bulbs on our website, so you should be able to tell what is dimmable by looking at the technical specifications below each product. If you are unsure if a bulb is dimmable then you are encouraged to get in contact with us via the form on our website, or you can call our experienced team on 01473 716418.