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Dimmable LED MR16 Light Bulbs

Advances in LED technology have enabled the design of the high quality Dimmable LED MR16, an ideal energy efficient replacement for halogen and energy saving GU5.3/MR16 light bulbs. These lamps operate with conventional dimmer switches to emit a superior light output in a choice of beam angles with a Cool White or Warm White colour temperature. The savings offered by these spotlights include an 80% reduction in energy consumption and a superb lamp life of up to 50,000 hours, which combined makes for a very cost effective minimum maintenance lighting solution.

What are dimmable light bulbs?

Dimmable LED bulbs are bulbs that can limit their light output. This is done in two different ways, one is in which the current that powers the bulb is increased and decreased according to the level of light needed. The other is using something called pulse width modulation which essentially runs on an off-on cycle. This cycle happens in milliseconds, so is not noticeable to the human eye. In this situation if the dimmer is set to 20% then 20% off the light would be on while the other 80% is off, creating a dimming effect. Dimmable bulbs are perfect for people who want to create different atmospheres at different times while in the same room and using the same lights. It is often used in living rooms so the lights can be dimmed when watching a film but can also be brightened if eating a meal. 

Are MR16 light bulbs dimmable?

While not all MR16 bulbs are dimmable, we have an extensive range that are. Within this range you have a choice of wattages, beam angles and colour temperatures, with all of these bulbs being dimmable. A dimmable cool white MR16 is perfect for the kitchens or bathrooms to create a crisp, functional space, whereas a dimmable warm white MR16 is suitable for bedrooms, and living rooms. All of our dimmable LED MR16 bulbs are clearly labelled on our website but if you have any issue identifying what's dimmable and what's not then please get in contact with us at 01473 716418 or via the form on our website.

How do I know if my LED bulbs are dimmable?

While you wont be able to tell if your light bulb is dimmable just by looking at it, if you have the packaging then it will say if it is dimmable or not. At BLT Direct we ensure that all of our light bulbs have a clear specification to make sure you know what bulb your buying. All of our light bulbs will be classified as dimmable or non-dimmable so you can pick up the one that's right for your lighting scheme.