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Dimmable LED MR16 Light Bulbs

Advances in LED technology have enabled the design of the high quality Dimmable LED MR16, an ideal energy efficient replacement for halogen and energy saving GU5.3/MR16 light bulbs. These lamps operate with conventional dimmer switches to emit a superior light output in a choice of beam angles with a Cool White or Warm White colour temperature.

The savings offered by these spotlights include an 80% reduction in energy consumption and a superb lamp life of up to 50,000 hours, which combined makes for a very cost effective minimum maintenance lighting solution.

Environmentally these LED light bulbs are very friendly as there is no mercury or other hazardous substance content. Furthermore this product emits virtually no heat which not only saves energy but prevents the fading of colours. The stylish dimmable MR16 is a versatile light source ideal for many applications including domestic lighting, architectural lighting, museums, gallery, retail and hospitality lighting.