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Dimmable LED Strip Lights

Combining two of the biggest trends in the lighting scene, dimmable LED bulbs and LED strip lights, BLT Direct are happy to introduce our dimmable LED strip light range. If you are looking for all of the style of LED strip but with he practicality and capability of a dimmable bulb then look no further than our collection below. With a plethora of lengths, colours and brightness levels available we have you covered, no matter what your lighting project looks like. Our dimmable LED strip is available as a full, ready to install kit or just on it's own, to give you the choice of how to implement this exceptional lighting into your home or business.

Are LED light strips dimmable?

Not all of our LED strip lights are dimmable but we have a large number of dimmable strip lights that have that feature. We have labelled clearly which strip can be dimmed to reduce confusion and to ensure you get the best product for you. We understand the appeal for modern and intricate lighting that is also simple to install and functional, that is why we are happy to provide a wide range of dimmable LED strip lights. With remote controlled, colour changing dimmable strip now in stock, changing the atmosphere in your room or business has never been easier. 

Why dim my LED strip?

Increasing numbers of people are choosing dimmable LED strip over non-dimmable because it offers a broader range of applications and features. If you want mood lighting in living rooms or bedrooms then dimmable LED strip is one of the most popular options. And with hassle free installation, the benefits speak for themselves. With our dimmable strip lights, you can transform a room or atmosphere in mere seconds, and because they can be used at full lumen output at any time they maintain everyday functionality.