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Disc Lights (MLF, Mini-Lynx, GX53 & DiskLight)

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The Compact Fluorescent Disc Light was designed as an energy saving alternative to the incandescent or halogen light source. Please note that switching to a CFL light source does require the installation of a new light fixture; these CFL Disc Lights are NOT retrofit replacements. Do check that you have the correct cap/base type when replacing your failed lamp; the Disc light has a 2 Pin GX53 cap type.

The benefits of the CFL disc light over the incandescent light source are impressive with savings of up to 80% in energy consumption and a prolonged lamp life of up to 15,000 hours! Furthermore these lamps are produced in an environmentally way and are liquid mercury free.

The Compact Fluorescent Disc Light is rated at 6W & 9 Watts (the equivalent of a 35W or 50W incandescent) and comes in 3 colour temperatures; Cool White, Very Warm White and Warm White. Led by their shape, size and design these lamps are perfectly suited to space limiting applications such as under shelf or cupboard illumination, in corridors, lifts, retail displays, hotels and restaurants, at workstations and for cabinet lighting.