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E14 LED Golfball Bulbs

Browse below our range of E14 LED golf ball bulbs, perfect for a range of applications including table lamps and decorative fittings. These golf balls have a small Edison screw cap which enables them to be fitted in places that require a small bulb rather than the conventional E27 bulbs. Our E14 LED golf ball bulbs are sourced from a variety of trusted brands so you can be sure that each E14 golf ball bulbs are high quality and long lasting. Our eco-friendly LED golf balls replace incandescent bulbs across a range of wattages from 10w to 60w, giving you the choice to pick the best bulb for you.

What is an E14 LED bulb?

An E14 LED light bulb is a bulb that utilises a small Edison screw cap base with a diameter of 14mm, this is one of the most popular cap bases on the market. These bulbs are typically used for lamps or fittings that require a smaller, more subtle light bulbs. Our E14 LED golf ball bulbs are also known as SES LED golf ball bulbs but all maintain a 14mm diameter so you can be sure that your lighting fits perfectly every time. 

What is the brightest E14 LED Golf ball bulb?

The brightest E14 LED golf ball bulbs that we have available are a bright 806 lumens, so they pack a powerful punch for how small they are. This means that you can cover more area per bulb or use it as the central piece in a decorative fixture. If you require a SES E14 LED golf ball that isn't quite that bright then we also stock a wide range of golf ball bulbs with various lumen outputs from just 70 lumens to 806 lumens, ensuring you always have an option no matter how bright you need your bulbs. Dimming options are also available for those who want to change their level of brightness in just seconds. 

Is E14 and SES the same?

Yes. E14 LED bulbs and SES LED bulbs are the same just with different names. For example, a 6w SES LED golf ball is the same as a 6w E14 LED golf ball, this is because the cap base is the same and shares a diameter of 14mm. If you are looking to replace an E14 LED bulb then you can with an SES bulb as this will fit perfectly into the original fitting. If you have any confusion about the difference between E14 and SES and how to pick a replacement bulb for your fitting, please get in contact with us on 01473 716418 or via the form on the website.