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E27 LED Filament Bulbs

One of the most popular cap bases for light bulbs is E27, that is why BLT Direct are excited our range of E27 LED filament bulbs. A diverse selection of shapes and models make finding the bulb for you easy, and with a wide number of wattages, colour temperatures and brands available then it is simple to get the perfect bulb for you. Our E27 vintage LED filament bulbs are becoming increasingly popular and with the cost effective and energy saving capabilities of this traditionally styled replica, it is easy to see why. Browse our range below and find out what the fuss is about.

What is an E27 LED filament bulb?

LED filament bulbs are one of the fastest growing trends on the market with many people wanting to replicate traditional or Edison style bulbs but with modern, eco-friendly technology. This, coupled with the most popular cap base on the market, leads to our stunning E27 LED filament bulbs, a collection of bulbs that has practicality with its E27 base but includes many shapes and sizes for decorative and inventive designs. E27 simply refers to the size and style of the cap base, in this case an Edison screw base that is 27mm in diameter, perfect for many types of application. 

What size is a E27 LED filament bulb?

While the size of the base of these bulbs always remains 27mm in diameter the bulbs themselves can be an array of styles with, candles, GLS, squirrel cage and specialist being just some of the options available. These make for beautiful and intricate decoration pieces for a number of applications including restaurants, museums and hotels or even in domestic settings. All of our E27 vintage bulbs will have their dimensions labelled in the technical specifications under the products.