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Eliptical Metal Halide Bulbs (HIE & HQI-E/P)

Detailed below in the stated categories are a range of Elliptical HIE Metal Halide Light Bulbs that operate on either a Mercury or sodium Ballast and are designed as a retrofit for Mercury or sodium Lamps. Offering a compact configuration, precise optical control, excellent colour uniformity and a long life. Mercury lamps are a popular lighting solution for petrol station canopies, industrial installations, retail lighting and landscape lighting.  Sodium lamps are a popular choice in industrial installations, floodlighting, retail, and landscape lighting.These functional easy to replace lamps come with an ES or GES base in a Cool White 4000K colour temperature. HQI-E/P bulb applications range from conference rooms and libraries to rail stations and public squares, as well as factories, workshops shopping arcades and exhibition halls.