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Emergency Lighting

At BLT Direct, we are happy to provide expertly designed, quality manufactured emergency lighting. We have a range of emergency lighting, including fire exit signs, emergency bulkheads, emergency control gears, and batteries, all suitable for domestic and commercial uses. Our emergency lighting is produced using hard-wearing and durable components, increasing longevity and making them more reliable in an emergency. Browse our finest fittings below, designed to keep things simple and maintain the safety of employees, customers, and inhabitants.

Fire Exit Signs Emergency Batteries Emergency Control Gears Emergency Light Fittings

What is emergency lighting?

An Emergency light is a battery-reliant light fitting that turns on automatically if you experience a power outage. Emergency lighting comes in several forms, the most common being fire exit signs and emergency light fittings like bulkheads. Fire exit signs show a clear, easy-to-follow direction to a safe exit and are typically bright green and white. Emergency battens and bulkheads produce overall light in open areas or corridors and are used to illuminate a path to an exit.  With batteries lasting up to 3 hours, you can rely on emergency lighting to provide long-term precautions and keep inhabitants of the building as safe as possible. 

Does emergency lighting need testing?

Like all emergency or safety equipment, emergency lighting should be tested regularly to ensure that it works as required. For emergency lighting, such as emergency exit signs or emergency light fittings, you should perform an annual, full-length battery test to ensure that the fitting lasts as long as desired. While it isn't against the law to not test your lights, it is the law that all non-domestic buildings are kept safe at all times, including during a power cut, so it is best to keep your emergency lights up to date.