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Emergency Lighting Control Gear & Batteries

In case of mains voltage failure, emergency systems, in the form of Emergency Lighting Control Gear supplies artificial light used as safety lighting for escape routes, hazardous workplaces and anti-panic areas, or as stand-by lighting where normal activities must be continued( in offices, schools hospitals and the like). Emergency lighting control gear is therefore of paramount importance in maintaining these systems.

Fluorescent, sodium, metal halide and mercury lamps are all used in emergency lighting and as such emergency control gear and is required in one form or another.

We offer an excellent range of emergency control gear from companies that specialise in its design and manufacture; all products are fully RoHS compliant and CE approved, ensuring highly reliable performance. In addition we supply many different batteries for use as replacements and spares, as well as for bespoke systems. Within each section is a full product list with detailed specifications to aid you in your selection. Whether you require a very compact modules, dimmable or high frequency ballasts, inverters or gear for cold start lamps we can supply it here at BLT Direct.