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Energy Saving 15 Watt Standard Shape (GLS) Light Bulbs (75 Watt Alternative)

Switch your existing GLS light bulbs to our energy saving 15 watt standard shape (GLS) light bulbs to experience the benefits of using eco-friendly technology without the need to invest in costly new lighting fixtures. Our energy saving 15 watt standard shape (GLS) lightbulbs are designed to directly replace existing GLS light bulbs, and are the exactly the same in size and fitting as standard GLS light bulbs.

GLS stands for General Lamp Shape, and was originally seen in the incandescent bulb, one of the first light bulbs to ever be invented. As the incandescent bulb has been gradually phased out in Europe, the classic shaped bulb has become lost amongst other contemporary designs. Our energy saving 15 watt standard shape (GLS) light bulbs are a 75 watt alternative, and can bring this iconic shape to your interior in an energy efficient way.