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Energy Saving Blacklight Light Bulbs

Our energy saving blacklight light bulbs are eco friendly alternatives to traditional blacklight bulbs, offering up to 80% savings in energy usage, resulting in lower running costs. Each of our energy saving blacklight light bulbs has an impressive lamp life of 10,000 hours. These unique sources of light are perfect for specific applications such as insectocutor bulbs, as well as industrial processing and for special effects and events lighting.

These multi tube compact fluorescent bulbs radiate energy in an almost Ultra-Viloet region, resulting in its distinctive colour of light. Our energy saving blacklight light bulbs are available in a range of cap types including BC, ES and SES, operating directly from mains voltage. We stock this low energy light bulb in wattages ranging from 11 watts to 25 watts (comparable to a 60w to 100w standard output).