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The stylish look of an incandescent light bulb can be achieved in an energy efficient way, with our selection of energy saving mini candle light bulbs. Although known for their aesthetically pleasing qualities, the traditional incandescent bulb has grown out of favour due to wasting a large amount of energy.

Modern-day eco-friendly lighting technology has been used to create our energy saving mini candle light bulbs, allowing any decorative lamp or fixture, such as a chandelier or wall sconce, to give off a classic glow with far less energy consumption. Our energy saving mini candle light bulbs offer a 75-80% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional incandescent bulbs, with a 70% decrease in heat output and an 8,000 hour lamp life. 5 watt, 7 watt, 8 watt, 9 watt and 11 wat alternatives of the energy saving mini candle light bulbs are available, in SBC, SES and EC caps.