Energy Saving Daylight Light Bulbs

Our wide range of daylight light bulbs are already better for the environment than conventional bulbs, however this selection of energy saving daylight light bulbs can emit a natural glow, whilst using an impressive 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. These light bulbs offer a lamp life of up to 8000 hours, meaning they are also great for saving money too.

Energy Saving Daylight Light Bulbs Continued

Daylight light bulbs give off a pure, clear light that covers the full spectrum of natural sunlight. This bright, white light is useful for retail and show home environments, as it shows objects off in their true colour and form. They are also useful for office spaces and schools, as the daylight given off can help to aid concentration, as well as reducing fatigue.  We stock a variety of energy saving daylight light bulbs, as well as other styles of daylight light bulbs – with us you can be confident that you will find the perfect daylight lighting solution for you.