Energy Saving Globe Light Bulbs

Retaining the aesthetic appeal and charm of conventionally shaped incandescent light bulbs can be a deciding factor when choosing a replacement lamp. However, old style incandescent lamps are energy hungry and costly to run. Now both issues can be resolved in one energy efficient light source; the Energy Saving Globe offers all the charm and visual impact of a conventional globe light bulb, combined with all the advantages that a low energy lamp has to offer.

Energy Saving Globe Light Bulbs Continued

Saving 80% in energy usage compared to a tradition bulb, this new globe lamp also lasts 8 times longer, at 8000 hours, and contains minimum mercury all of which aid the environment as well as your pocket.

This striking Warm White or Daylight lamp is a direct retrofit for an existing conventional bulb with the choice of Edison Screw or Bayonet Cap bases. Rated at 20 watts the equivalent incandescent output of this bulb is 100 watts. A highly efficient tri-phosphor coating gives excellent colour rendering, of 82Ra and lumen maintenance is noticeably high. This is a light bulb meant to be on display; the classic shape and large beautiful bulb (100mm diameter) is perfect for statement lighting in domestic, retail and hospitality applications.