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Energy Saving GU10 11 Watt Cool White (60 Watt Alternative)

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Product Discontinued
This item was discontinued on 2nd February, 2017

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Crompton 5.5W Non-Dimmable LED Long Barrel GU10 Cool White (11W CFL Alternative)

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Energy Saving 11 Watt GU10 Light Bulbs (60 Watt Alternative)

Beam Angle
50 Degrees


Cap/Base Type
2 Pin

Colour Temp
4000 K

50 mm


Equivalent Wattage
60 W

80 mm

Light Bulb Type

Light Colour
Cool White (840/845)

200 lm

Leading Brand

Light Bulb

220-240 Volt

11 W

Energy Saving GU10 11 Watt Cool White (60 Watt Alternative) from Leading Brand

This Energy Saving GU10 light bulb is a direct retrofit replacement for a traditional halogen GU10 lamp. Rated at 11 watts, that is the equivalent of a 60 watt standard lamp, this GU10 emits a Cool white colour perfectly suited to spotlighting applications. Offering an impressive 10,000 hour lamp life this lamp reduces energy consumption by 80%, heat output by 70% and UV output by 90%.

Technical Specifications

Light Bulb Type Reflectors/Spotlights
Wattage 11 W
Manufacturer Leading Brand
Light Colour Cool White (840/845)
Dimming? Non-Dimmable
Equivalent Wattage 60 W
Beam Angle 50 Degrees
Lumens 200 lm
Colour Temp 4000 K
Diameter 50 mm
Length 80 mm
Cap/Base Type 2 Pin
Type Light Bulb
Manufacturers Average Lamp Life 10000 hrs
Voltage 220-240 Volt
Energy Efficiency Rating B
Cap/Base GU10

Associated Product Barcodes


Alternative Stock Identifier Part Codes

GU10 11 FLU 40 J071
KCF11ALU GU10 4000K


For Energy Saving GU10 11 Watt Cool White (60 Watt Alternative)


Product Data Sheet
Energy Saving GU10 11 Watt Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

We make every effort in answering your questions.

Do energy saving bulbs flicker when you turn them on?

Thu May 2007

Yes, they do slightly but unlike early energy saver lamps a few years ago, the latest designs generally include electronic rapid start circuitry to make the lamp light in less than 1 second with virtually no flickering.Energy saving light bulbs come ...

Don't energy saving light bulbs give a harsh light?

Thu May 2007

Some older designs had quite a high "colour temperature" which may be perceived as "colder" but many energy saving lamps now use a "warm white" coating to make the light very similar to a normal incandescent bulb.

How long do energy saving light bulbs take to "warm up"?

Thu May 2007

The latest compact fluorescent lamps "warm up" very much faster than older designs, typically reaching 95% of their full light output in under a minute.