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Energy Saving Light Bulb Wins $10 Million Government Prize

An energy saving light bulb has won a coveted $10 million award funded by the US government. Scooping the Brighter Tomorrow Lighting Prize was a long term commitment and required the production of a light bulb that was both highly efficient and high quality. It was also required to be a realistic mass market alternative to the common light bulb which is being phased out in American amidst a fierce political and consumer debate about viable alternatives.

Sponsored by the US Department of Energy, the government-backed competition was created to President Obama’s administration to find a replacement for Thomas Edison’s ubiquitous invention. Designed to stimulate innovation and market adoption, the inaugural competition stated at the outset that it was setting the bar high ad that realistic prize candidates would have to develop a very special kind of lighting solution capable of transforming the way the United States is lit.
The winning energy saving light bulb design was a visionary product by Dutch firm, Philips. The bulb, dubbed the EnduraLED was subject to months of testing and data crunching before being declared the winner a whopping two years after the initial competition entry was submitted.

The Philips vision of the new generation of energy saving light bulbs underwent stress tests, lifetime tests and performance tests, carried out by a team of independent laboratories and field assessors. During the field tests, the prototype entry was used in everyday situations and its performance measured – these scenarios included being used in hallways, lamps and offices as well as stress testing involving exposure to extremes of temperatures, humidity and vibration.

After sailing through the tests, the EnduraLED was officially named as a replacement for the 60W incandescent bulb this week. The L-Prize award winning is an LED light bulb that directly replaces a standard bulb but, wastes less power to produce the same amount of light as its 125 year old predecessor.

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Created by Steve Ellwood on 9th August, 2011


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

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