Energy Saving Multi Tube PLET Light Bulbs

This category of energy saving light bulbs focuses on the Energy Saving Multi Tube PLET light bulb, an economy lamp that offers affordability alongside great energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Energy saving light bulbs use different technology that enable them to produce a highly efficient and compact light using a fraction of the energy. This functional PLET lamp is a genuine retrofit replacement for standard GLS incandescent light sources with an Edison Screw, Small Edison Screw or Bayonet Cap base.

Energy Saving Multi Tube PLET Light Bulbs Continued

 We offer this lamp in a choice of wattages - 8w, 9w, 11w, 15w, 30w and now 45 watts; the equivalent incandescent output is 45 watts to a high powered 250 watts.

The energy saving PLET light bulb is suitable for general domestic illumination, in table lamps, pendant lights and wall lights. The benefits of replacing incandescent GLS lamps with these low energy alternatives are immediate; they use to 80 % less energy consumption compared with ordinary light bulbs, offer a fast return on investment and last up to 8,000 hours, which is 8 times longer than an ordinary lamp. Furthermore by saving energy over the life of the energy-efficient light bulb you also help save and protect the environment.