Energy Saving PLET 3 Pin BC3 Light Bulbs

The Energy Saving PLET 3 Pin BC3 light bulb is a no frills, functional lighting solution for use in an appropriate fitting. With its unique 3 Pin Bayonet cap base it should only be fitted into a 3 pin BC lamp holder. This is a lamp commonly found in new build and rentable properties as it is fully compliant with Part L of Building Regulations. This lamp comes in 2 wattages – 15 watt and 20 watt, the equivalent output of a 75 watt or 100 watt incandescent lamp – and a Cool White or Warm White colour temperature.

Energy Saving PLET 3 Pin BC3 Light Bulbs Continued

Although not the most aesthetically pleasing light bulb the benefits of installing this lamp make it a viable lighting solution. Firstly, this lamp lasts 8,000 hours, which is 8 times a traditional bulb; secondly energy usage is 80% less than for a standard lamp. This practical, reliable and robust lamp is perfectly suited to saving energy on your lighting bill in applications such as utility rooms, hallways, landings and stairwells. So keep the cost low and save energy.