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Prolite Energy Saving Mini Spiral 11W Very Warm White SES (60W Alternative)

5 stars, 9 customer reviews
Prolite Energy Saving Mini Spiral 11W Very Warm White SES (60W Alternative)
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Product Discontinued
This item was discontinued on 29th March, 2021

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Crompton LED Golfball 5.5W SES Very Warm White (40W Alternative)

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Warm White SES Light Bulbs

Beam Angle
360 Degrees

14mm E14/SES

Colour Temp
2700 K

CRI Rating
< 80

35 mm


Equivalent Wattage
60 W

93 mm

Light Bulb Type

Light Colour
Very Warm White (827)

550 lm


Energy Saving

220-240 Volt

11 W

Prolite Energy Saving Mini Spiral 11W Very Warm White SES (60W Alternative) from Prolite

Model: HELIXT2/11W/SES27

The Ultra-Mini Energy Saving Spiral Lamp is an excellent direct retrofit for a conventional incandescent lamp. Rated at 11 Watt, the equivalent of a 60W incandescent, this Small Edison Screw lamp delivers savings of 80% in energy consumption and an 8,000 hour lamp life.

Technical Specifications

Light Bulb Type Spiral
Technology Energy Saving
Wattage 11 W
Manufacturer Prolite
Light Colour Very Warm White (827)
Dimming? Non-Dimmable
Equivalent Wattage 60 W
Beam Angle 360 Degrees
Lumens 550 lm
Colour Temp 2700 K
Diameter 35 mm
Length 93 mm
Cap/Base Type Edison Screw
Cap/Base Type Small Edison Screw
Style Spiral
Manufacturers Average Lamp Life 8000 hrs
Voltage 220-240 Volt
Warranty 1 Year
CRI Rating < 80
Energy Efficiency Rating A
Cap/Base 14mm E14/SES
Manufacturers Part Number HELIXT2/11W/SES27

Associated Product Barcodes


Alternative Stock Identifier Part Codes

HELIXT2/11SES27 J067


For Prolite Energy Saving Mini Spiral 11W Very Warm White SES (60W Alternative)


Product Data Sheet
Energy Saving Ultra Mini Spiral 11 Watt Warm White (2700K) SES

Frequently Asked Questions

We make every effort in answering your questions.

Don't energy saving light bulbs give a harsh light?

Thu May 2007

Some older designs had quite a high "colour temperature" which may be perceived as "colder" but many energy saving lamps now use a "warm white" coating to make the light very similar to a normal incandescent bulb.

How long do energy saving light bulbs take to "warm up"?

Thu May 2007

The latest compact fluorescent lamps "warm up" very much faster than older designs, typically reaching 95% of their full light output in under a minute.

Who Invented The Light Bulb?

Fri Apr 2015

Today, flicking a switch and bathing a space in light has become an almost mindless process. Yet prior to the invention of the humble lightbulb, this simple act was nothing but a far-fetched dream. So how did the lightbulb come to be, and who was beh ...


Customer Reviews

for Prolite Energy Saving Mini Spiral 11W Very Warm White SES (60W Alternative)

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9 Reviews
submitted by customers



5 / stars

It was easy to install and looks lovely

5 / stars

Totally got fire light working again. Good product

5 / stars

Got what I wanted and on time as usual no hassle

5 / stars

Good product, matched expectations and needs

5 / stars

I needed bulbs of a small diameter and of a type to match other lamps in the light fitting. These were not easy to find as most similarly styled lamps are of quite a large diameter. These did the job. Also, they strike up and come to full luminosity quicker than the existing lamps in the fitting.

5 / stars

I bought these as replacements for mini golf ball bulbs. They are the perfect size, they light up much pretty fast and they don\'t poke out of the top of my light shades like so many of the new energy bulbs do. One thing I would say though, although the 11w is \"60w equivalent\", it\'s not. It\'s more like 50w equivalent, because they are definitley not as bright as my old 60w bulbs used to be. Having said that, they are certainly bright enough for my lounge - and they fit my light fittings, which is exactly what I was after!

2 / stars

Great size but made a mistake buying these ..although higher watt and expected greater output but reverted to 7w cool white they were due to replace

5 / stars

These are simply great bulbs, with a compact size and quick start up time, much better than the usual CFB which take an age to light up.

5 / stars

I needed a small sized bulb to fit in a bedside lamp, about the size of a golf ball, with no more than 40W heat output but giving the equivalent of 70W so it was bright enough to read by through the particular shade my wife had chosen for the lamp. This wasn\'t easy to find. I am pleased that this product does the job perfectly.