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Exposed filament light bulbs making a comeback in 2020

With recent changing of the law that banned old-fashioned electric light bulbs from being be sold in Britain and the rest of the EU, many people feel that they are stuck with the contemporary look of LED light bulbs in order to keep their homes and businesses light and bright.

However, some of the world’s leading light bulb manufacturers have come to the rescue of interior design lovers who prefer exposed filament bulbs to create a wide range of focal lighting features and vintage looks around the home.

With many of the less than energy-efficient filament light bulbs replaced by more efficient compact LED bulbs, many people who want to create a vintage or industrial look for their business or home will be thrilled to discover that not only does the BLT Direct range of hyper-efficient filament light bulbs offer the look they’ve been seeking, but they also help to keep energy bills in check thanks to the use of new technology.

Filament bulbs
Photo by Rich Smith / Unsplash

Set to be one of the biggest lighting trends of 2020 and beyond, the simplistic beauty of exposed light bulbs used in table lamps, wall lights and even grouped together to create quirky and characterful chandelier style light sources to adorn bars, restaurants and large living spaces.

Here are two our favourite energy-saving exposed filament light bulbs to help you get that on-trend look way before anyone else.

Calex Pearl Antique LED Golfball

One of the more unusual exposed filament light bulbs on offer for 2019, the Calex Pearl Antique LED Golfball offers a wonderful globe-shaped glass bulb with several tiny exposed LED filaments that act as a real focal point for any table lamp.

Emitting a warming white colour temperature suitable for bedrooms and living spaces, the unusually exposed filaments mean that you can be bold with your lamps and opt to go without the shade to showcase the internal workings of this minimalistic style bulb.

Calex Vintage LED Dimmable Filament Tubular Lamp

One of the best things about these vintage-inspired exposed filament light bulbs is that they come in an array of shapes and sizes, and this small and unique LED 4W Tubular Filament light bulb from Calex is one of the most popular new additions to our LED Filament range.

With a striking gold finish, this bulb is designed to create an ambient atmosphere in hospitality, household, boutique or gallery applications with a warm white colour temperature and unusual shape that it’s sure to draw the attention of visitors.

Created by Daniel Shakles on 17th October, 2019


Daniel Shakles

Daniel Shakles