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Festoon Lights

At BLT Direct we are more than ready to provide top of the range festoon lighting that creates big impact for a small cost. Revitalize your home or garden with a string of colour that can be used across light fittings, along walls or even throughout a tree. With a wide range of applications available, these lights can be used both domestically and commercially. With all of our festoon lights able to be used indoors and outdoors, we are sure to have something for any lighting scheme. And with all of our festoon lights using LED or solar technology, you can be sure that your lights not only last longer than traditional bulbs but also use less energy.

Solar Heavy Duty

What are festoon lights?

Festoon lights are a form of string lighting that has multiple bulbs along one lead or cable. They are often used outdoor for decorative purposes and look fantastic as a way to light outdoor seating, bars or venues, despite this they can and are used indoors for mood lighting in kitchens or living rooms too. Festoon lights are a great way to provide light across a long distance without needing to have a long strip of light, or they can be wrapped around furniture as decoration. We stock a range of lengths and colour temperatures so you are sure to find the product most suitable for you. 

Are festoon lights LED?

All of our festoon lights are LED or are able to be fitted with LED bulbs. This makes LED festoon lights not only practical and stylish but also more environmentally friendly and cost effective than traditional lighting counterparts. With possible energy saving of up to 90%, our LED festoon lights are longer lasting and therefor drastically reduce the frequency of replacing burnt out bulbs, all while saving you money on your electricity bill. Join this growing trend and revive your indoor or outdoor space with our LED festoon lights.

How long do festoon lights last?

Because all of our festoon lights are LED, they last a lot longer than previously used incandescent or halogens. With many of our indoor and outdoor festoon lights lasting up to 20,000 hours, you can be confident that your lighting is reliable and works flawlessly for many years. With longer lasting bulbs and all of our products made by trusted and reputable manufacturers, using durable materials, quality is guaranteed.