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Fire Exit Signs

Every business owner should have precautions ready to keep their customers and staff safe during a fire or any emergency. Fire exit signs are required if your building has more than one exit and should show the easiest and safest way of leaving the building during a fire or similar crisis. BLT Direct's range of emergency exits signs cover several wattages, sizes and can be ceiling or wall-mounted. Easy-to-follow fire door signs and fire exit signs are designed to be as practical as possible and feature a running man symbol that indicates the direction to the closest exit.

Are fire exit signs required?

Every building or shop requires fire exit signs on every escape route that is not the main path in or out of the building. Long or complicated corridors and stairwells must have signs that direct the public to the nearest exit. As a general rule, it should not be assumed that employees or customers know the direction of a fire exit and that the emergency lighting should be simple enough to follow.

Where do I put fire exit signs?

According to the UK Building Regulation requirements, every corridor doorway, window, or stairwell should have an emergency exit sign. This ensures that people within the building have as much information possible to make a safe and fast escape in an emergency. It is also a UK building regulation requirement that emergency lighting should be placed above any fire alarm, making it easy to see and available at any time.