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Fluorescent Light Fittings

Welcome to our extensive range of fluorescent tube light fittings. Here to cater to all of your lighting needs at BLT Direct, we stock a comprehensive range of fluorescent light fixtures, including T8, T5, 110-volt, anti-glare, anti-corrosive and LED fittings. So you’re sure to find the solution to any lighting scheme, large or small. Fluorescent light fittings have been the staple of the lighting industry for several years and continue to perform with long lamp life and energy efficiency even with new technology in LED arriving on the scene. So if you are looking for a fitting to match your existing products look no further.

Fluorescent Tube Light Fittings

Fluorescent light fittings are incredibly versatile, and this has seen them grow in popularity over the last few years. They’re also very energy-efficient, and BLT Direct have made every effort to expand the collection in recent years, including the latest fluorescent models at competitive prices to ensure customers have the chance to do their bit for the environment. We also have a range of unusual and hard-to-source fittings that can’t be found anywhere else on the web.

Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Fluorescent lighting is used in a plethora of environments – commercial, industrial, retail, domestic, educational and even medical. Depending on the environment where you’ll be installing the lamps, you can choose from a range of exciting features to enhance functionality. The anti-flare lights offer a high standard of visual comfort, while cold room lights can function in industrial freezers and other cold environments. If you’re not sure which fluorescent light fitting would meet your particular needs, get in touch with the team at BLT Direct today for more information – our friendly team will be happy to help.