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T5 Fluorescent Tubes (15mm Diameter)

The T5 Fluorescent Tube is often referred to as a miniature fluorescent tube as it has a diameter of only 15mm. We stock the full range of these replacement T5 linear lamps in the wattages ranging from 4 Watts to 80 Watts and lengths starting at 150mm and increasing to 1500mm. From standard halophosphate to triple coated triphosphor lamps, Germicidal to Blacklight and Smilight to Grolux we stock or can supply any and each of these fluorescent tubes in a T5 format.

The T5 fluorescent is a double ended energy efficient light source with a G5 (2 pin) cap/base predominantly used in recessed and suspended ceiling applications. Other applications are often determined by the speciality of the fluorescent tube; for example, blacklight T5 lamps are used in insectocutor units and for special effect lighting and industrial processes, whilst Grolux versions are designed for enhancing plant growth. As an energy efficient light source you can expect to reduce your energy usage by 60% compared to conventional technologies. Add to this an impressive lamp life of 10,000 to 20,000 hours and the result is a reliable, robust and efficient lighting solution that is very affordable and emits good light output. Please note this category details replacement T5 lamps not the fittings themselves.

Please note that shatter proofing is available upon request and may be subject to additional cost, please contact sales for a quote.